Vietnamese pickles

Vietnamese pickles
Vietnamese pickles

These moreish pickles accompany practically every family meal and add a spicy crunch in sandwiches and alongside cold cuts and cheeses. The chilli and garlic add a good kick to this recipe, but omit them if you prefer a more traditional pickle. This is my mum’s trusted recipe and is also commonly used with thinly sliced or grated carrots and radishes. These pickles are good to eat after a week of pickling and keep for months.

Vietnamese pickles
1 part white wine vinegar
1 part caster sugar
4 parts water, room temperature
Sliced red chilli, optional
Whole/sliced garlic cloves, optional

Mix the vinegar, caster sugar and water in a jug until the sugar has dissolved.

Slice the cucumbers lengthways and remove the core using a knife. Slice the cucumber into bite sized pieces and fill a jar (I use recycled pickle/coffee jars) adding the chilli and garlic if using.

Top up with the vinegar mix and store in the fridge.


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